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Information and help for Student Residents of Swuite Bohermore.
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Fire Safety


  • Smoking; candles; incense; fairy lights (mains powered)
  • Electrical fault
  • Kitchen fire – hot oil, inappropriate items in microwave
  • Lint (fluff from fabric) build up in tumble dryers
  • Boiler malfunction
  • Fire setting by service users


The risk of fire within the premises has been assessed in accordance with the Fire Services Act 1981, the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Building Control Act 1990 as well as the requirements of General Application Regulations 2007, Chapter 1 of Part 2. We have taken specific note of Regulations 11, 12 and 13 within this Part of the Regulations.

The main fire risks within our Swuite Bohermore are:

  • within individual kitchens, where there is electrical equipment
  • key cards left in the receiver when room is vacant
  • electrical wires adjacent to the induction hob
  • the electrical panels/distribution box
  • from hot work being carried out by a contractor
  • from smoking taking place on site
  • from clothing left on storage heaters

Risk assessment: Low- Medium

Control measures in place

Fire Register

Swuite Bohermore has a Fire Register and Susan Clancy has been designated to keep it up to date. It contains the following information:

  • Name of Occupier and details of person responsible for fire safety together with a plan of each floor of premises on with details of Fire Exits.
  • Details of training provided for employees on Emergency Plan
  • Details of each fire and evacuation drill, the date it took place, the names of those who took part, and the type, objectives and results of each exercise held.
  • Details of Means of Escape and of Evacuation Routes
  • Details of Fire Detection Systems and locations of smoke detectors.  Inspections and Tests carried out on fire protection equipment with brief comments on the results of the checks and action taken. Details of fire incidents, false alarms, record of errors or faults and action taken as a result.
  • Details of fire protection equipment and systems in the building – types, locations of all Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets
  • Details of Emergency Lighting, inspection and testing details, maintenance details and details of any alterations or works carried out.
  • Details of each inspection of the building itself, its fittings and services and the actions taken to remedy defects found.
  • Details of Fire Hydrants

Fire Prevention


 There is no overloading of sockets and all cables are checked regularly for damage.  Any damaged cables are replaced fully, not repaired.

Rubbish is removed regularly to bins and bags and is not allowed to accumulate in apartments, store rooms, staircases or corridors.

Storage of flammable solvents such as paints, thinners etc. is not allowed and contractors who bring such substances on to the premises are required to remove them at the end of each project.

All doors have been fitted with self-closers.

Fire Detection

A fire alarm system, smoke detectors and break glass units have been fitted throughout the building and form part of the overall Fire Management Plan for the building. The Fire Alarm bells are tested weekly in the building.

Information and Instructions re Fire

All employees and contractors are briefed about fire detection, emergency lighting systems, their periodic testing and response arrangements.

Fire Action posters are prominently displayed on ground floor and on each landing.

Fire Escape Routes

Maps showing exit routes from the building are displayed on your door and there are two assembly points; one at the steps at the front of the building (Assembly point A) and a second one at the top of the basement ramp (Assembly point B). No mirrors have been fitted to escape corridors or stairways to eliminate confusion in a fire emergency. Running Green Man exit direction signs are in place above all major doors to indicate evacuation routes in keeping with Chapter 1 of Part 7 of General Application Regulations 2007 dealing with Safety Signs at Places of Work.  Escape routes must not be obstructed at any time.

Care of Visitors in a fire or other emergency

In the event of an emergency the management team will ensure that staff, residents and visitors leave the building safely and make their way to the Assembly Points. All visitors must sign a visitor’s register at reception.

Fire Doors

All internal doors have a 60 mins fire rating and the main corridors have a one hour fire rating.  Doors within the building are normally kept closed to minimise the spread of fire.  Doors are not allowed to be wedged open in any situation.  Fire doors within the corridors are kept open and will close automatically in the event of a fire.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is in place at all staircase landings and at main exits and complies with I.S. 3217: 1989 :  Code of Practice for Emergency Lighting.  It is a sustained system and is designed to operate for not less than one hour from loss of electrical power.


In any emergency our primary aim is to evacuate all staff, residents and visitors and contractors from the building safely.  Fighting the fire, if there is one, is a secondary aim.

The Evacuation Coordinator is instructed to take master list of all employees, residents and diary where visitors have signed in out of the building to the Assembly Point so a full roll-call can take place there. However, it is not possible at any time to determine who is in the building or out as residents are free to go in and out during the day.

Fire Drills

Fire bell tests are carried out every Wednesday at 11.00 am and evacuation drills are held monthly, some during the day and some in the evenings.  All are attended by all staff and residents of Swuite Bohermore and attendance records are maintained.  All escape routes and fire exits are checked during each shift.  All employees and service users are obliged to take part in Fire Drills.  Any problems highlighted during a Fire Drill are fed back into the system and are corrected promptly.

Fire Hydrants

The exact location of external Fire Hydrants is known to the management team.

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets

Fire extinguishers are placed throughout the building, no more than one metre from the ground (for large extinguishers) and not more than 1.5 metres from ground (for smaller ones) and are inspected and maintained by an approved contractor once a year. They are visually inspected by the management team once per month.

Fire blankets are provided in each kitchen area.

Fire Team

All Employees have specific roles to play in the event of fire and all have received basic training in the use of fire extinguishers. They are instructed only to fight a fire in pairs, only if it is a small fire and they feel it is safe to do so and to relinquish responsibility for firefighting to the Fire Brigade when they arrive. All residents and guests are directed to evacuate to the assembly point and await further instructions from the Management team and/or Fire Brigade.  Employees are regularly updated and trained in firefighting equipment procedure and have access to a copy of the fire policy.

Emergency Numbers

Fire Brigade     999 / 112



Your guide to living at Swuite Bohermore

What should I do first?

Tour the building.

Introduce yourself at reception. We'd love to meet you and show you around.

Follow us on social media

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Say hello your neighbours.

Don't be shy.

What do I need when moving in?

All of our suites are fully furnished and equipped for our residents, however you will need:
Bed linen
Toilet roll, washing up liquid, soap, shower gel etc.
And your good self!

Your rent includes

Digital TV channels
High speed WIFI
Cinema Room
Study Room
Key card
Fully furnished suites
PRTB registration
TV License

Useful Information

Office hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 17:30pm
Saturday to Sunday: Closed
Office hours number: 091 753781

We have a team of staff working 24/ 7 including concierge / porter / security staff outside of office hours and you can contact them on 087 352 6307

We recommend you save both of these numbers to your mobile devices.

Swuite Manager : Susan Clancy

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Mission Statement

Swuite Bohermore will be focused on creating a well-run, safe and secure environment for all our Swuite Students. We will strive to make it feel like a home away from home, where both students & parents will have peace of mind. We will look after your needs in a friendly, supportive and reliable way.

Swuite and its occupants acknowledge and respect the rights of adjoining residents and businesses to a quiet life and will work to ensure that these rights are not compromised by their actions. We operate a quiet hours policy between 11pm and 7:30am each night.

Residents of Swuite will be required to sign a Licence to Reside agreeing to a code of conduct for the duration of their residency. We ask that you remain mindful of this throughout your stay and remain considerate and respectful of your neighbouring residents.

We encourage harmony among residents, so we will all get along swimmingly and have great fun living here whilst remaining respectful of the surrounding community and considerate of the environment. #keepitswuite

Our Promise

Friendly welcoming team of staff always on hand to assist you 24/7. We will strive to meet and or exceed your expectations.

Full transparency on occupancy fees at all times, there are no additional charges.

A timely turn around on maintenance issues. Report them to us and we will resolve to fix them as speedily and efficiently as we can.

We hire In-house Residential Assistants to encourage a sense of community and integrity. Student involvement is paramount to us harbouring a safe & enjoyable community.

Basic Rules

Clean Spaces
Look after your space, keep it clean and tidy.

Remember to regularly remove rubbish bags and dispose of them in the correct bins in the bin storage area in the basement.

Be sure to wash up all your dishes, and be careful not to block the kitchen sink. Avoid pouring oils and fats down the drain.

Ensure all hair is removed from the shower to prevent it from causing unnecessary blockages.

Allow us access to your room for monthly inspections and to fix any issues you may have.

Alcohol and Smoking
No parties. No alcohol in common areas except in reception area with prior permission from the House Manager.

Strictly no smoking policy inside the Swuite premises use the designated smoking areas only. €100 fine if caught.

Keep noise to a minimum both inside & outside the building.

Between the hours of 23:00 and 07:30 Swuite operates a period of ‘Quiet Hours’.

It is illegal to tamper with fire quipment and could result in a €150 fine.

Only one guest permitted per resident at all times. All guests must be signed in at reception.

Replacement key cards cost €12.50.

Thank you for you cooperation with Swuite Bohermore.

Familiarise yourself with our house rules and policies/procedures.


Ticketing System

All maintenance issues will be prioritised using the ticketing system.
Priority One: 24 hour turnaround (emergency issue)
Priority Two: within 5 working days (urgent repairs)
Priority Three: within 28 days of being reported. (non-urgent repairs)


Fire Safety
  • Tampering with fire detection and safety equipment is a crime and may result in a fine (€150) or prosecution
  • Take time to familiarise yourself with the fire assembly point and the fire notices displayed. Make sure you know where your closest fire exit is
  • Fire alarm tests are held weekly so familiarise yourself with when this is (Wednesdays @ 11:00am)
  • Do not use lifts during a fire drill or a real evacuation
  • Each suite is fitted with a fire blanket.
General Safety
  • Strictly No Smoking Policy inside Swuite premises, use designated Smoking Areas Only. €100 Fine if caught!
  • The use of illegal substances on Swuite premises is strictly forbidden
  • Student accommodation is often seen as a soft target for thieves. Always lock your windows and doors when you are not in
  • Be aware of your personal safety, particularly in relation to letting anyone you don’t know into the residence - it is better to be safe than to give access to someone who could cause problems
  • The use of candle and any form of naked flames is not aloud in a students apartment
  • First aid supplies are available from reception should you need any minor injury treatment
  • A member of staff must be notified in the event of an emergency so they can request the appropriate emergency services required.

Post and Parcels

All parcels go to reception. A text will be sent to your mobile to let you know it is here.

Please make sure all post is addressed correctly and includes your full name and your room number.

We will sign for a package on your behalf if you are not in the building to do it yourself.

Post will be distributed into your post-box for your collection.

We will do our best to look after parcels, but in the unlikely event of something going wrong, we will not be liable for any damage or loss of a parcel you have authorised us to accept on your behalf.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any customs charges are paid in full.

Useful Contacts

Swuite 24/7 mobile 0873526307

Millstreet Garda Station (091) 538000 /999/112

Ambulance service 999/112

Fire service 999/112

WestDoc 1850 365000

Samaritans Galway 091 561222 (local call charges apply) 116 123 (this number is free to call)

Citizens Information 091-53344

Counselling service Galway 086 823 1670

PRTB 8:00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday - 01-702 8100 or 0818 30 30 37

Boots Pharmacy Headford road 091 567 901

Procabs(Taxi) Eyre Square, Galway 091 565900

Money advice and budgeting service Quay Street, Galway. 0761 07 2570

Aware Galway Sea Road, Galway city 1800 80 48 48


UCHG; Newcastle Road, Galway, County Galway, Tel: +353 91 580580

Merlin Park Regional Hospital; Merlin Park, Galway City Tel: +353 (0)91 775775

Bon Secours Hospital; Renmore, Galway City Tel: +353 (0)91 757711

Galway Clinic; Doughiska, Galway City Tel: +353 (091) 785000

Getting Around

For buses, see Bus Eireann website

For students attending NUIG or the University Hospital the 405 bus stop is located just at the rear of the building which will drop you to the gate lodge entrance of NUIG and a returning bus is also running which will drop you back to the rear of the Swuite building. A copy of this timetable is available at reception.

For students attending GMIT the 409 bus can be got from the side of the G Hotel which is a 5 minute walk from the Swuite building. For Rail, see Irish rail for timetables and departures
18 min walk 1.4km away from Swuite.

Taxi services, see useful contacts at reception.

Distance to

NUIG (2km) 25 min walk
GMIT (2.5km) 30 min walk
GMIT Cluain Mhuire (1km) 13 min walk
University Hospital (2.3km) 28 min walk
Eyre Square (1.3km) 17 min walk
Galway shopping centre (750m) 9 min walk
Petrol station/ATM/24hr shop (140m) 2 min walk
Tesco (800m) 10 min walk
Boots pharmacy (800m) 10 min walk

Going Out

Bars and Clubs

An Pucan Bar/food
O’Connells Bar
McGettigans Bar/food
Roisin Dubh Live Music
The Kings Head Bar/food
Taffee’s Bar
Tigh Coilis Bar
The Quays Bar/food
Tigh Nora Bar/food
Bierhaus – Craft Beers
Bite Club – Boozy Cocktails
Electric Club , 44 Club, DNA Club.

Cinemas/ Theatre

Eye Cinema Wellpark €5 ruby Tuesday (student special).
IMC Cinema Headford road €5 student Wednesday.
Town Hall Theatre Woodquay.


The Planet Headford road
Buy a drink and get a free game of bowling from 7pm every Monday and Tuesday

Free things to do in Galway

Stroll on Salthill Promenade
Experience Trad Music
Escape the City go Island hopping
Galway Arts Centre
Charlie Byrnes Bookstore
Visit Galway Markets
Explore the Claddagh (Irelands Oldest Fishing Village)
Visit Merlin Woods
Galway Cathedral/former prison
Galway City Museum

Simple Tips to Be Mindful of Energy Consumption & Help the Environment

  • Switch off all appliances when you have finished cooking
  • Keep a lid on it – saucepans
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle
  • We have ample bicycle parking in the basement, cycle or walk where possible
  • Remove key cards when you are leaving your room (do not place any other type of card in the key card slot)
  • Plug out everything before leaving your room
  • Don’t leave water running for long periods of time.
Take a look at this guide from our recycling partner Barna Recyling to assist you with your recycling efforts.